Friday, August 26, 2005

Hello Kirat Rai bandhu haru,


I am just trying this communication means. Looks simple, but very powerful. If anyone from our community comes across this site, please try it.


Here is my comment of my initial post. Yes, it looks great.
I think this blog works for our quick communications. This seems best option for now.
A Quick Reminder!

If you just want to read the comment, you just click the # sign infront of the texts, "posted by."
i thought your blog was cool and i think you may like this cool Website. now just Click Here
Thank you Rajkumar dai and Prakash dai.
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i read the sakewa/sakela from the homepage and it had great information. i really liked it . the picture of raine was awesome. I have also made a simple rai website about rai personality. You are all welcome to share it.

my website is:

rai website is:
in its column and if you want to be added in it feel free to email me.

Hello Kirat Rai Bandhus
It is possible to discussed our concern and issues regularly in the conference call/phone. Lets generate some better ides and share with KRSA members/family for KRSA future development. Thanks
Shiva Rai
Thank you for posting "Sakewa" article by Dr. Navin Rai on the website. It was interesting and indeed quite helpful, specially the history and also the anthropological perspective on linking Kirati to other SouthEast Asian countries. And it sure does make sense considering the traditional animistic religion and beef eating. I’m hopeful that there will be more articles in the future.
-Robina here.
Blog is nice. I found this concept of guestbook interesting. Link to could have been included in Link section rather than un-edited EditMe.

I noticed discontinuation in posting despite the hot discussions and changes goin on in the country. We should congratualate ourselves for the declaration of DarmaNirepechyaRajya and more concerned about our participation in SambidhanShabha. Multi-author posting could have helped the continuation.
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