Friday, December 30, 2005

e-Village: a way to get to know each other
Proposed by Rajkumar Rai
Dear Kirat-Rai bandhu haru,
I would like to share a proposal with all Kirat-Rais of developing an e-Village for Kirat-Rais residing in the United States. It is a true fact that we do not know each other among many of us because we have come from many different parts of Nepal. Also, we are living in the US spreading out across the country and it is not possible for us to frequently meet with each other. So, I thought developing an e-Village would provide us with an access to know each other at least in pictures or in some kind of multimedia formats.
If we all think it is possible and necessary, I can start it collecting and posting pictures (family or single, house or apartment) to our website. There is plenty of space in our website. We can also reapply to increase the storage space if necessary.
Thank you and all the best,
Rajkumar Rai, President
Kirat-Rai Society of America

Responses (Total 5):

1. Dear Raj Kumar,
It is a great idea to set up an e-village.

2. Dr. Rajkumar Sir
That is the I wanted. It is the best way to link each, to each other by many reason. Lets start our e-village.

3. RajBhai,
Sounds like a great idea as long as it doesn't add more work for you.

4. Hi Rajkumar Dai,
It is a good idea to put images of Rai individuals out on the web with their consent. It will definitely help us boost communication. It would be good to display the city, state they are residing and home town in Nepal.

I however am not sure about the pictures of Homes or apartments. I do not understand how it is going to help us yet.
5. Dear KRSA,
Not a bad idea, if people are interested to share their information with others. If there are resources at KRSA, then it is ok to provide the infrastructure where they can upload their info voluntarily... Personally, I don't like to put anything private on public domain.

Great idea,
Now we can put faces and personalities to voices and email addresses.
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