Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hello Kirat-Rai bandhu haru,

Please take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions and share your understanding.

How the past of Kirat-Rai is understood by you? How do you describe your past experience of Kirat-Rai culture, tradition, and rituals? What are the Kirat-Rai values and beliefs?

ok, this is rajendra in Denver. it was great to have telephone conference on Sunday. It was kind of a lot technical difficulty to do that phone meeting. can we use this forum or this site as a medium or chain emails?

I did not get all the info on meeting so please post here the high lights so every one can access it.


I have posted the conference discussions about one week before, but I was surprised that there is not a single comment on it till today. It would be more meanigful of this forum even if members drop a single line.
As much as I would love to answer the given questions on Kirat-Rai culture and traditions, I dont know much.
I'm just a curious amateur who would definitely like to know more. However, I also think that it's ironic that there has been no posting in this section knowing that there are people out there who least more than what I do.
I do not intend on personally attacking anybody and I would like to apologize if it may seem like. But it would sure be remarkable and maybe more genuine to hear it from individuals than reading the articles (although I must also point out that the articles are a great read and encourage everybody to read it although it may seem quite lengthy).
Thank you KRSA board for all your efforts in bringing all of us together.
-Robina here.
Hello Robina,
I am very glad to read your very cautiously written comment. Yes, I agree with you that there are a lot of people in our community who are very interested in and knowledgeable about our history, language, and culture. But, I am not surprised regarding your comment because it is a reality that we all as new comers in this country are really busy with our main three commitments: (1) family, (2) career, and (3) money. I am sure there will be more and more people who will hold leadership role for our community development in the future. We have already realized that we are the ones who are responsible for safeguarding our values and beliefs for the future generations.

However, it would have been appreciative if we get a few minutes to think and drop a couple of lines in this forum sharing our knowledge and experience so that other people, especially young generations also would have been benefited to learn about their own identity.

Thank you,
Raj Rai
Hello everybody,

I'm a rai from Bhutan and I had been craving to learn about rai's history and culture too. In my google searches, I stumbled upon the KRSA web page. The article on child birth rites was really eye opening for me. I, for one had always had a hunch that we, rais are completely different from the general populace called the nepalese. Like most of the people on the blog seems to be, I too have more questions than answers regarding the rai culture and history.
Since this blog seems to be about sharing on the rai culture, I will share with all of you what I heard from some elder rais in the villages that I talked to. One of the elders that I talked to says that there is another veda other than normal vedas in Hinduism. That, he says is called the Thuthuri-ved, which is the veda of the rais. This veda is not a written form. The term thuthuri refers to spoken from mouth. So, a written script never existed as in other civilizations.
On the other hand, one elder that I talked to, insisted that rais or for that matter the kiratis had a flourishing civilization and culture until the conquest by the indian originated hindu kings (no dates specified). These hindu kings in order to wipe out the kirat culture, destroyed all the written scripts of the Kirat and enforced their religion and civil practices onto the kirati populace. Anybody not adhering to this rule had been executed.
I have been very intrigued by the logic in the second case. This forum seems to have some highly qualified people to educate young generations on our culture and history. I would appreciate if some light is thrown by some members to the as told hi-story that I have just described above.
I hope this can help a discussion and contribution of information.


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