Thursday, December 29, 2005

Message from Mr. Sayatman Rai, Chief Editor - KRSA Magazine
New York

All kirat Kirat-Rai brothers and sisters, we are going to publish KRSA annual magazine including articles and creative writtings related to our Society and culture. And, this magazine will be publihed according to the KRSA mission and objectives. So, please provide us article in any of the following topics within two moths (January and February).


(A) About the Kirat-Rai, Kirat-Rai language, Kirat-Rai culture, Kirat-Rai religion, Kirat-Rai Society (Samajik prampara bare), Kirat-Rai History

(B) Srijanatmak Lekha (Literature), Story (Laghu katha, Phutkar katha), Essay (Nijatmak,Yatratmak, Prabandhatmak kunai prakar ko pani), poem (Gajal, Muktak, Chutkila), Real experience

Send your article to the following address:

For English article
Dr. Navin Kumar Rai
1031, Grand Oak way
Rockville, Maryland-20852

For Nepali article
Sayat Man Rai 85-50, 168 st Jamaica Ave 2nd floor,
Jamaica, New York-11432

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us:
Dr. Navin Kumar Rai (MD) 301-217-0455 / 240-599-6040
Dr. Kalyani Rai (WI) 414-963-8791
Dr. Raj Kumar Rai (TN) 865-946-6071
Dr. Shiva Kumar Rai (NH) 603-817-7548
Mrs. Nirmala Rai (TX) 972-570-4516
Mr. Rajendra Rai (CO) 303-882-7167
Mr. Mukti Narayan Rai (NH) 603-988-9747
Mr. Sayat Man Rai (NY) 718-206-1413

Note: Please, provide us your phone number and email address with the article.
Thank you.

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