Thursday, December 29, 2005

Summary of KRSA conference call meeting on 12/25/2005

1) Dr. Navin Rai –Advisor of KRSA, Washington D.C
2) Dr. Kalayni Rai – Chair of KRSA , Wisconsin
3) Dr. Raj Kumar Rai - President of KRSA, Tennessee
4) Mr. Sayat Man Rai - Chief Editor, New York
5) Mr. Dhaula Bir Rai - Coordinator of Public Relations, Boston, MA
6) Mr. Rajendra Kumar Rai- Member of KRSA, Aurora, CO
7) Mr. Shiva Kumar Rai- Board Member of KRSA, New Hampshire

Meeting Agenda
1) Magazine publication
2) Fund Raising
3) New board member nomination
4) Membership drive

Discussion and Conclusion:
1) Magazine publication
Mr. Sayat Man Rai presented a brief report of magazine publication including his collective views. In the discussion, Dr. Kalayni Rai suggested to distribute responsibilities to all committee members (Mukti Rai, Nirmala Rai and himself) including other people who can volunteer for the publication. Dr. Rai also suggested developing guidelines to produce articles and other form of writings. Alongside, Dr. Navin Rai recommended a collection of quality articles rather than focusing on timeline. Mr. Rajendra Rai showed his interest and promised to coordinate in Colorado region collecting articles for this magazine. In the conclusion, Mr. Sayat Man Rai was ready to prepare guidelines and circulate it soon.

2) Fund Raising:
Mr. Shiva Rai initiated the fund raising topic in the discussion. Dr. Navin Rai advised for seeking individual donors first rather than approaching to any big organizations, such as World Bank. He mentioned that writing fund raising proposals for individual donor would be the best option at this stage. Dr. Rai also said that, Aspen-Colorado would be the best place to seek individual donors and he agreed to coordinate this fund raising meeting soon at Aspen-Colorado. Similarly, Dr. Kalayni Rai suggested that fund raising can be done in multiple ways such as writing proposals to donors or conducting various types of activities such as writing and selling Nepali recipes book, selling/delivering indigenous goods in eBay/online, selling Nepali food in public gathering and making garage sales. Dr. Kalayni Rai accepted responsibility for fund raising activities.

3) New board member nomination
Mr. Dhaula Bir Rai explained current situation for nominating new board members. He said that he had been looking for those Kirat-Rai individuals who are interested and ready to work and donate time for the KRSA. Dr. Kalayni Rai suggested that Mr. D.B. Rai could present some of the possible names and then take further discussion from them. Dr. Rai also emphasized that KRSA could not hold its meeting without having a sufficient quorum. Mr. Dhaula Bir Rai agreed that he would continuously put his efforts to fulfill the vacant positions soon.

4) Membership drive (We could not discuss this topic due to time constraint and connection problem with phone line.)

Next meeting agenda
a) Role and responsibilities of KRSA Sub-committee (Please look Shiva Rai’s email circulation for this discussion. We appreciate it for each and every comment/suggestion in this agenda)
b) Membership drive ( Mr. Lila Rai will present this agenda)
c) If you have any agenda let us know?

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, Jan 8, 06 at 10am,
Mr. DB Rai will initiate conference call from 857-389-2291cell and 617-628-6908 Res. Please be in time. If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please contact Mr. D.B. Rai. We are trying to start meeting on time and finish on time (10am to 12p). Presently, we are having a problem in conference call connection. Please try to connect yourself and help to connect other members, if you can. If you have any problem in connection let us know immediately. We will try to connect you differently. KRSA always appreciates your help and coordination.


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