Monday, January 09, 2006

News from Nebraska Kirat-Rai Community

1. On Jan 6th 2006, Nebraska Kirat Rai community honored to Miss Ruru Rai for her outstanding academic achievement. She has earned a Computer Engineering (BS) degree with Magna Cum Laude from University of Nebraska. We gave her a card and a Photo frame (provided by KRSA.) on the behalf of KRSA. The recognition certificate will be given in future. The event was also farewell to her as she is moving to Kansas for her new job as a Computer Engineer.

2. The expense of KRSA general meeting with breakfast was $165. Bhim Rai Family, Dipta Rai Family and Ajay Rai family sponsored the meeting. Once we get 501c(3) if needed KRSA can add this amount as income and write off as expense and can give a receipt for tax deduction.

3. The new born baby gift (kallis) are mailed on first week of January with a congratulation letter on the behalf of the KRSA (central board).

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